"Afdeling 23” consists of 388 apartments, five shops and a twin day-care center. That is a lot of people living in a not-so-large area. It is almost like a small community. We must be able to coexist, and rules and guidelines are essential to create a good environment. We have a common interest in keeping the buildings and spaces in a good condition, partly because we all want something nice to look at, partly to keep maintenance costs down.
Below you will find a rundown for non-Danish speakers of what could be called nice/need-to-know that we hope is comprehensive but let us know if something is missing. There is always room for improvement.
Animals are not allowed.

Each apartment has a lockable room in the attic. This is storage facility for personal belongings only. The same applies for those who have a lockable cellar in the basement.

Banquet facilities
“Afdeling 23” has no banquet facilities (selskabslokaler). However we have a guest apartment (gæstelejlighed) that can be rented to tenants who have visitors. It can be rented for 200 kroner a day for a maximum of seven days. It cannot be used for parties.

Be a good neighbour
Show restraint and thoughtfulness. No loud music or thumbing sounds at late night. When in the yard or when you have windows wide open during the warm days, keep in mind your laughter and talking can be disturbing to others. In the staircase, attic or basement corridors do not leave objects, or trash. Do not place bicycles, strollers, prams or other objects on landings, stairs, in attic or basement spaces and corridors.

Park thoughtfully - be it in our yards or on the streets surrounding us. There are racks and cellars (cykelkældre) where you can put your bicycle. No bicycling in the yards - the sole exception: small children.

Carnival (fastelavn)
Since 1927, “Afdeling 23” has been hosting a dress-up party in February (a bit like Halloween) where participants smash barrels after which treats, traditional buns, frankurters and soft drinks are offered.

Clean up
To make sure that no one trips over toys left in the yard at night, please make sure to tidy up after the children’s play. Note it is not the duty of the caretakers (ejendomsfunktionærerne) to clean up after you - as moving your odd-size garbage or other items you may have left behind you.

Our office (afdelingskontoret) located Hjortøgade 5 (ground floor to the right) can reached via e-mail or telephone 39 20 35 34. The caretakers staff it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 7.30 a.m. and 8.00 a.m, and board (afdelingsbestyrelsen) members every second Monday (in even weeks) between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Remember to open windows once a day to vent your apartment. It is an easy way to avoid mold.

Do not feed animals as it may attract rodents and other disease-carrying animals. Should you see one, please report it immediately to the caretakers.

Please recycle when throwing out. Ordinary household garbage goes into the garbage containers. Paper, cardboard, glass, hard plastic, metal, electronic items and batteries can be recycled. Please use the adequate recycling containers for that. Note pizza trays or any cardboard boxes that contain food or remains of edible cannot be recycled and should be trashed with ordinary household garbage. Larger items like furniture should be disposed in the wooden building in Langesund (storskraldhuset) - do not leave that in your yard’s garbage shed (skraldehus). Make sure the lids on the garbage containers are properly closed as it otherwise may attract rats, pigeons and other disease-carrying animals.

In the warmer months, you can grill in the yards. After use please place any disposable grill next to - not in - the garbage containers. Show thoughtfulness, move your grill if the wind blows the smoke in an unfortunate direction as in straight into dwellings with open windows or people in the yard.

The four buildings forming “Afdeling 23” were built in the 1920s in an area with pastures, large gardens and villas. The first tenants moved in in October 1925 and the first board was elected the following year. Originally AAB had planned to build on the grounds where the Christiansminde villa stood but sold the piece of land, paving the way for the erection of the Øbrocentret in the late 1950s. Thirty years later, the roofs were modernized and the chimneys removed. On New Year’s Eve 1999, fireworks set the roof on the corner of Østerbrogade and Tåsingegade on fire and 21 apartments and several shops were damaged. In July 2011, heavy rain caused flash floods in major part of the country, affecting “Afdeling 23”.

“Afdeling 23” has an insurance covering in case of fire, storm and disasters. However it does not cover the residence itself and the tenant's belongings. It is tenant's own responsibility to have an insurance covering the apartment and its content (indboforsikring).

Each apartment gets four master keys that fit the lock on the front and kitchen doors plus the mailbox. Extra keys can be ordered (costing 200 kroner each - payable upon order). With each apartment you get four electronic keys (nøglebrikker). Hold it close to the sensor to unlock the doors _ street and yard doors, attic and basement doors, the door to the large size garbage house in Langesund and the door to the stairwell where the laundries are located. They also fit the gates to access or exit the four yards. The caretakers have no extra key to your apartment.

There are four launderettes (vaskekældre) - one in each building - that are only for residents’ use. The laundrette must be used in accordance with the rules posted on the Web site. Any damage or breakdown must be reported to board or the caretakers. The use of the laundrette takes place at the user’s responsibility. Smoking in the laundrette is prohibited.
Each apartment gets a chip key that can be used to pay and book. The booking of two-hour slots is done either directly in the laundry room or via separate booking Web site. You can book in another building than the one you live in. The laundry rooms can be found in the basement of Stakkesund 5 (karre C), Langesund 5 (karre D), Langesund 9 (karre E), Langesund 6 (karre F). 
Keep in mind that other tenants may use the laundrette so please tidy up after you. Machines must only be operated by people above the age of 16, according to the Danish Working Environment Authority. Do not dye clothes in the washing machines. Think twice when using a perfumed soap - the next person using the washing machine may be allergic to perfumed detergent.

If your cistern is leaking, please report it as soon as possible to the office. The same applies to running taps. If no water comes out of your tap, check your faucet sprayer strainer tap filter (pelator), it could be clogged.

Maintaining your home
Generally speaking, the rule is that residents are responsible for the maintenance of their apartments while living in it. When a resident moves out, an inspection is made to assess the need for repairs. These expenses depend on how long the resident has lived there. Expenses are written off by one percent for each month the resident has lived in the apartment, so that after eight years and four months, the expenses for repairs are taken care of by “Afdeling 23”. However, any repairs caused by a breach of the continuous need for repairs, is always covered by the tenant. As a standard, the following repairs are always made, when a resident moves out: Painting and/or papering of the walls and ceiling, and cleaning up after painting and/or papering.

Name tags
If you need the name on the front door intercom panel or on the mail box to be changed, please contact the office. Do not do it yourself (special tools are needed).

Newspapers and free ads
You make not like the free ads and newspaper you get in the mail box but do not throw them on the floor in the staircase. Pick them up and throw them in the recycle container for paper.

In parts of Langesund and Stakkesund, a parking permit (beboerlicens) issued by the board is necessary, and is only given to “Afdeling 23” tenants, who can provide a valid vehicle registration certificate (registeringsattest)  or  leasing agreement, clearly stating the tenant’s name. Please note: one permit per apartment. Permits cannot be purchased, rented, borrowed or lended. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the yards.

Renting, sub-renting and alike
Renting through Airbnb or similar is not allowed. Tenants, who sublet rooms without due permission from Boligforeningen, may have their contract terminated.

No throwing of cigarette or butts - our yards are no ashtrays and children may pick them up and get poisoned. Ashtrays have been put next to doors to the laundrettes. Do not smoke in the staircases, attic or basement corridors, or in the laundrette(s). When smoking out of the window or while standing outside a building, keep in mind that smoke goes up and may be a nuisance to people above.

Street doors
Do not post anything on street doors - or any door for that matter - as adhesive tape for instance ruins the painting on the doors and it may be sided with vandalism.

Please take care of the vegetation. It is prohibited to cut off branches and flowers.

Afdeling 23 has made an agreement with a company in case of emergencies -  urgent matters that cannot wait till the office reopens. The number is 58 56 83 55.
You may find other useful information in Danish on our Web site. 
More general information in English can be found on the Web site of Boligforeningen AAB.
Please note that the English text above is for information purposes only. The Danish version of the house rules and those set by Boligforeningen AAB have legal status.
Below is information in English about Afdeling 23's guest apartment. More about the guest apartment can be found on this page
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